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Skyeng platform is the Biggest online English school in Europe

The video idea is about the real reason why Ibrahim left his country Saudi Arabia and moved to Canada, and one of the most important reasons was to learn English But because of Covid-19 pandemic he couldn’t join the college. Instead, he started to learn English through Skyeng platform. 

After that, he started to share the things that he benefited from after learning English. The point of the whole idea is to fit with the advertising attractively.

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VinFast is Vietnam's first global automaker.

VinFast reached out to Ibrahim and asked him for A quick Instagram video to showcase their new smart electric vehicles

And to tell everyone why electric vehicles will change the entire world

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Mmbawe Channel is about Sharing Ibrahim's life in a unique way and showing the beauty of this world, His Goal is to Inspire people about their future and remind them what’s actually matters and share with them how a regular hobby and interest turned into a person’s everyday reality. And that travelling and exploring the world is truly an amazing activity.

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Film director, content creator.

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To check out Mmbawe Channel,                  . 

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Audience Analytics:
2,350,000 (YouTube) 
288,000 followers (Instagram)
* Views: Over | 97
 Million views (YouTube)
* Gender: %91.7 Males - %8.1 Females
* Age group: 18 - 34
* Language: Arabic and English speakers
* Interest: Travel , Self developed.

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Copyright © MMBAWE 2022

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