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Today you’re going to learn how to make interesting content and managing it in the right way to attract new followers and increase your sales.

I’ll be focusing on Instagram because it’s the best social media platform and of course you can use those tips in any other social media platform.


Quality is more important than quantity. The high quality interesting content will make you stand out from the crowd.

When I say high quality interesting content I don’t just mean 4K videos and high-quality pictures. I mean you should post something will make people keep watching, make them scrolling on your account and watch all the other content without getting bored, share it with their friends and family. And this interesting content will attract new followers and increase your sales.


If we’re talking about Instagram stories it’s always better to share everything that’s connected to each other in one time or separated to two parts in a smart way.

Let’s say for example you are working on a project and you want to show your followers the process, it’s better to post all the process in one time than uploading one picture in each day.

If you want to post single video or a single picture on your stories it should be interesting enough and it’s not connected to anything else.

The Easiest Way To Get Organic Followers

Most people are spending time watching Instagram reels & TikTok videos on those days so why you don’t take the advantage of this free traffic?

Let Them Comment As Much As Possible

When you get a lot of comments you will have a high chance to go on explore.

When you post something on Instagram ( share it on your stories as well and tell them to comment something on the post ) for example ask them any related question to the post on your story and tell them to answer you on the comments in the post comments.

Remember tell them that on your stories not on the post so you can writing call to action or whatever you want on the post comment.

Comment ideas For Posts

 Anything that explains what’s going on on the post/video

Here’s some comments ideas to save your time whenever you wanna post something:

 Rate the photo/video out of 10?

 A vs B, you will be shocked by the result!

 Comment on something that’s gonna show at the end of the video to make them Watch all of it to see it.

 This is gonna be something you don't want to miss.

Instagram Reel

It’s good to explain what’s inside this Instagram reel in one to four words with an emoji and then above that you can write call to action or anything else and at the end you can write few hashtags, here is an example:

Toronto Rooftop photoshoot 📸
Message me now to book your photoshoot!

#toronto #rooftop #photography #photoshoot


Your hashtags should focus on those topics:


 Target audience

 Work quality

Your bio

 Easy to read

 Should be organized, divided into parts.

 Shouldn’t have hashtags

Upload to Instagram from TikTok

I’ve seen a lot of people uploading Instagram reels from their saved TickTock video that has TikTok logo on it. If you have been doing that PLEASE STOP because Instagram algorithm are smart enough to know that you are duplicating that video from TickTock and they don’t like that. They want a new contant not a duplicate one.

Even your followers gonna feel that you don’t really care about them.

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