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The main goal of the video is to scale your business and attract new clients.

And remember, the production quality of your video is seen as a reflection of your business. It lets you stand out amongst your competitors and allows you to market directly to the customers that are seeking your services and gives them a great first impression.

To check out our past work,                  . 

Facebook & Instagram & YouTube Advertising (guarantee way to reach the right audience) We can help you with promoting it on social media platforms if needed.

After creating your video, here are some ways you can use your video.

Share it on WhatsApp to all of your contacts list in one click (we will show you how to do it after if you don’t know how).

 Upload it to your YouTube channel & Instagram account & Facebook page (a great way for free traffic).

 Upload it to your website & google map page.

You will be able to collaborate with influencers with followers related to your service/product and pay them to share this video on their social media accounts.


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The more the budget the more time and hard work we will put into making your video Which will make it much better.

And if you think that this is a huge amount of money. Remember that you will get it back and more from the video In the long-term, God willing.

Here are two different examples of video budgets to give you a better understanding of the production level (these examples are just to show you the production level, not the idea of the video)

Starting at $900

Name it.00_17_50_08_edited.jpg

Starting at $2,000

Meet Lomi, the best way to compost at home.00_00_12_03.Still004.jpg
Meet Lomi, the best way to compost at home.00_00_24_01.Still005.jpg

Keep in mind that we are giving you the best price for this value compared to other video production companies.

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